Ribbon Epson FX-11170


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Black Fabric Ribbon Cartridge. Designed and engineered to meet the demands of Epson’s fast, high performance impact printers, genuine Epson ribbons deliver consistently crisp, black output; time and time again. Long-lasting and easy to install, Epson ribbons provide longer life and better character definition

Printer Models fits with Epson SO15520 Ribbon Cartridge

Epson FX-1170 Printer

Epson LX-1170 Printer

Epson LX-1170 II Printer

Epson LX-1050 Printer

Epson FX-100 Printer

Epson FX-100+ Printer

Epson FX-105  Printer

Epson FX-185 Printer

Epson FX-286 Printer

Epson FX-286e Printer

Epson FX-1180 Printer

Epson FX-1180+ Printer

Epson FX-1000 Printer

Epson FX-1050 Printer

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