Compatible Toner Canon 303


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This Compatible Toner Cartridge fits with your Canon Laser Printers see the bellow for compatibility and high quality prints are guaranteed. 308 Toner cartridge

Compatible 308 LaserJet Toner Cartridge, black. Average cartridge yields 2500 standard pages.

  1. Compatibility: The “308” is likely a specific model number or code assigned to the toner cartridge. As with any toner cartridge, it’s important to ensure compatibility with your printer model before purchasing. The term “compatible” indicates that this toner cartridge is not produced by the printer’s original brand but is designed to work with printers compatible with the original toner cartridge associated with the “308” code.
  2. Page Yield: Toner cartridges often come with an estimated page yield, indicating the number of pages the cartridge can print before needing replacement. This value can vary based on factors like coverage (how much toner is used on each page) and the content being printed.
  3. Print Quality: A compatible toner cartridge aims to provide print quality that is comparable to the original toner cartridge. However, the actual print quality can vary depending on the manufacturer. Some compatible cartridges might offer similar results in terms of color accuracy and sharpness, while others might not match the original’s quality.

printer Models fits with Canon 308 Compatible Toner Cartridge

Canon LBP 3300 Printer

Canon LBP 3360 Printer

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