Bath Ta Robe Smart Towel

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Bath Ta Robe Smart Towel

Wow, you can’t resist this Bath Ta Robe Smart Towel. This Smart Towel comes with a dress-looks-like design that has great water absorption.

Neither at home, somewhere on the beach, you will makes the others staring at your look and style with Bath Ta Robe Smart Towel!

This stimulating and invigorating bath towel has a special texture is ideal for cleaning the entire body.

Once you try it, you’ll understand why this Bath Ta Robe Smart Towel is one of our best selling products.

Material: Microfiber
Size: 154 x 83 cm


– Have strong water absorption

– Fast drying, hygienic and durable

– Stimulates the skin gently and helps blood circulation.

– Perfect for holiday, hiking, camping, swimming, and uses at home

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